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20 Worst And The Most Epic Selfie Fails Of All Time

Seriously, What the Heck!
Daddy Baby And the Dog

The pooping dog photobombed a “what would have been a cute picture otherwise”
Granny’s Big Boy?

Why not!


See that spider

No, they won’t be this chill in seconds from when this picture was taken!


What’s the dog doing?

Seriously, WTF!?
The Doggo and the Selfie Queen

Even the dog is pretty sick of her selfies. He wants to choke and die.

Toilet Selfies, Really?
When You See It

Only if you see it!
Mirror Selfie

Now, that’s a perfect selfie of her nose!
Ugh, the traffic?

Really girl, really?

An epic reflection fail!
The Shower Selfie

I think you have left something in there!
What are the people in the background doing?

Stuffing the baby into the cannon. OMG!
Father-Beer Photobombing

Best photobombing ever?
Nice tushy!

Really, people have an eye for the details!
Policeman Is Giving Life Goals!

Yes, take it from me!
See through the ages?

Check out the oldie with same clothes in the background!
The Mirror Selfie

Enough nonsense, we know you are interested in it!
Auto Focus?

The camera just know what needs the focus!
Picture of a turf burn but ah! When you see it closely.
Burn though!

If and when you choose to see this picture closely.

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