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Iceland Will Supposedly Pay You $2000 a Month If You Marry An Icelandic Woman

Sounds like something from a bachelors crazy dream. One morning you wake up and go online to find that you can search from thousands of Icelandic women online to pick your perfect match, you then get to marry one of these European beauties and even get paid a monthly salary of $2,000 to do so. Sounds too good to be true? Maybe, but many men from around the world thought, “If this is wrong, I don’t want to be right.” It is the dream after all, but is it for real, or just a hoax?

The Icelandic DreamIn late June of 2016, the rumor mill began churning with stories that Iceland’s government was paying large sums of money to foreigners if they came into the country to marry an Icelandic woman. The reasoning behind this push for the government to marry off their girls? There just wasn’t enough men in Iceland to couple them all. And so the government sought help elsewhere to fill the void.

Men Gone Wild
When news of this proposition hit, men all over the world began to go wild with excitement at this enticing offer, they began contacting The Danish Embassy in hordes seeking applications to marry one of these women in exchange for cold hard cash. The inquiries started from Egypt and soon traveled to many other parts of the world, no culture exempt from the desire to participate in this opportunity.

Icelandic Government Overwhelmed With Inquiries
The Icelandic Ministry of Foreign Affairs was receiving and overwhelming amount of inquiries regarding the rumor being spread about this marriage opportunity. The government was so shocked by all the propositions they hardly had time to process it all and address the issue at hand. The rumors had gone viral and everyone wanted a apiece of this Icelandic pie.

Viral And Out Of Control
Icelandic women began to receive random romantic introductions online in huge quantities. Men were pestering women on the streets and harassing them online. Icelandic women are claiming that out of nowhere men from all over the world were proposing and seeking to acquire these women, almost as property in order to be paid the monthly stipend promised to them by the surprising opportunity.

Believe It Or Not
According to the website “Snopes” the whole thing is a hoax. It was started by a North African Blog called “The Spirit Whisperers” which made the bogus claim last year. The hoax became so desirable that it went viral and began to evolve as it spread around the world, many people not wanting to be it to be fake, continuing to contact the Icelandic government in hopes of fulfilling their Icelandic marriage dreams.

The Blog That Started It All
The African blog that started this whole hoax was barely legible in its description of the proposition, but what was universally accepted in its accusations was that the Icelandic Embassy was going to be offering a large sum of money, monthly to any foreigner who wanted to marry one of the countries women. The blog stated preferably a man of North African origin, but the call was sent worldwide.

More Misinformation
The blog also cited that the growing need for foreign men to marry Icelandic women was due to a low number of Icelandic men as well as a direct result of a European soccer match between Iceland and Britain. While this information seems a little irrelevant, the idea was still very enticing to men, especially the readers of the North African blog, and they packed their bags in search of fulfilling these requirements.

The Government Shut Down
The Icelandic government was forced to quickly shut down any rumors that this was a true government proposition. Icelandic women everywhere were feeling the affects of being a target for prying men, and the government was bombarded by requests about this hoax. The sent out a general message on the internet on behalf of Icelandic women everywhere denouncing the hoax and urging foreign men to stop perpetuating this rumor.

This Was Not The First Rumor
In 2015 this North African blog, “The Spirit Whispers” started another hoax which urged foreign women to come down to the UAE and marry Emirati men claiming that the region did not have a large enough pool of women for all the men in that area. The rumor claimed to be offering $3,000 a month to any foreign woman who accept this offer and married an Emirati man

Icelandic Men Need Not Worry
The Icelandic government has assured the world that there are plenty of men in Iceland, with the ration in Reykjavik being 985 men to every 1,000 women. There are more than enough men to keep their population growing if they so choose to be with each other. Thankfully Iceland’s facts have seemed to sort out the hoax and the rumors have ceased for now.

The Media Weighs In
The New Merritime website and The Iceland review have jumped in on the action, debunking the rumors and protecting their women from the spread of these falsities. The news sites claim it all as a hoax and urge people to not give into the rumors spread by a unreliable blog which is writing about grand schemes in broken English. Many other news sources as well have cited these claims as false.

Why These Hoaxes Spread
Many people need the idea of a better life in order to fulfill an idea of purpose in their own current situation. The combination of the promise of money that is abundant to many people in certain parts of the world, combined with the prospect of marrying a beautiful woman would have many men thinking they have hit the jackpot, the rumors continue to grow until the bubble is burst and the dream of many men vanish.

Website Popularity and Hoaxes
“The Spirit Whispers” website in North Africa probably uses hoaxes like these to attain more traffic to their website. If a person falls pray to this hoax they will spread the rumor and more and more people will visit this website in order to seek information regarding this proposition. Even if the news is proved to be false, that extra burst of visitors in the beginning is a lot of exposure for the blog.

When Is Something Too Good To Be True?
To some people is seems quite obvious that some crazy rumor like this on the internet is a total lie. But to others the large sum of money offered in this agreement is enough to want to start believing that this is true. Some people would rather take the chance and explore their options than to sit and wonder “What If?” So rumors like these will always be enticing to people who are looking for their big break in life.

The Endless Pursuit Of Happiness
“The Spirit Whisperers” blog had a comment section at the bottom of their exceedingly popular post, the comments contained messages from men all over the world desperate for more information regarding this once in the lifetime opportunity. Even after the story was widely proved to be a hoax, the government was still receiving 30 to 40 letters a day regarding an application to marry one of the female residents in exchange for cash compensation.

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